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In response to this calamity, Cube Zanzibar in partnership with Milele Zanzibar Foundation, ADViMPACT, HDIF, Pamoja Youth Initiative, and ZAFAYCO organized a three week workshop named Zanzibar Covid-19 Hackathon aimed at bringing together different open-minded and talented youth to invent the possible solutions to fight against COVID-19 challenges


On 20 June 2020 at Cube Zanzibar, 26 youth selected to join the Boot camp and they grouped into five based on their ideas and guided to shape them through problem deep dive, idea sketch, idea shopping cart and business model canvas. The hackathon involved different experts from various organizations to deliver their expertise to the participants and make sure they come up with innovative ideas to solve community problems caused by Covid-19. 

Demo and Rewards

On the final day, Cube Zanzibar organized a Demo Day for all 5 groups to pitch their ideas in front of different stakeholders. The groups pitched their ideas while 5 judges from different reputable organizations including Milele Zanzibar Foundation and ADViMPACT were analyzing and evaluating their pitches.    

Upon the completion of the hackathon, 3 groups received awards after the incredible works that they did. The first, second and third winners rewarded TZS 500,000/=, 300,000/= and 200,000/= respectively. More importantly, the groups were also given the opportunity to participate in Bootcamp that was organized by Cube Zanzibar in collaboration with Milele Zanzibar Foundation. All participants of the hackathon received the participation certificates for their reference.